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Trout, Golden


The Golden Trout is a sub species of the rainbow trout.  The fish is also known as the California golden trout originating in a small section of the Kern Plateau in the Golden Trout Wilderness.  This subspecies of Rainbow trout evolved by becoming isolated by powerful geological forces.  Theses forces left “hanging Valleys” or basins with high waterfalls, which is a natural barrier to fish migration.  The fish that survived in these cutoff high evolution streams slowly evolved during the next 100,00 years into the unique golden trout we know today.  It is known for it’s golden flanks and red horizontal band along the lateral line.  Golden trout have salmon-colored flesh, a light, sweet flavor and flaky meat.  Golden Trout are farm-raised in concrete raceways in Buhl Idaho.  The farm diverts water from a natural stream or river, so that it flows through the raceways or channels containing the fish.  The water is cleaned and treated before reaching the farm and before diverting it back into the natural waterway.  The Government requires strict regulation and monitoring of on-site and nearby water quality.

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