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Market News - 6/21/17


ATLANTIC SALMON - Plenty of fish in house from Canada
NORTH ROADS SALMON - Nice fish available 
ORGANIC SALMON - Organic fish from Scotland and Ireland on hand
LOCH DUART - Sustainably raised fish in house from Scotland 
VERLASSO SALMON - Atlantic Salmon available from Patagonia
SKUNA BAY SALMON - Pre-order only
RED DRUM - Fish in house and more expected tomorrow
TILAPIA -  5-7oz and 7-9 oz fillets of ASC certified sustainable Regal Springs and 5-7oz BAP certified Columbian tilapia in house.  Please pre-order Blue Tilapia fillets and 7-9 oz fish from Pezco
RUBY RED TROUT - Fillets in house and more due tomorrow
CATFISH -  7-9 oz and 9-11oz fillets in house and 16-28 oz dressed fish expected Friday
RUSHING WATERS RAINBOW TROUT - More fish due tomorrow
CLEAR SPRINGS RAINBOW TROUT - Plenty of fish from Idaho available
INDIAN BROOK TROUT - Ask your saleperson about 8-10oz head/off PBO trout from Jackson, Michigan
GOLDEN TROUT -Pre-order only 
BAJA KAMPACHI - Nice open ocean raised fish available from Baja Mexico
HAMACHI - A-grade fish on hand and more due Friday
ARCTIC CHARR - Fillets in house
STURGEON - Plenty 50-80 lb fish from California on hand
COBIA - Open ocean raised fish from Panama expected tomorrow
STRIPED BASS - A-grade fish due tomorrow
TURBOT - Please pre-order
LAUGHING BIRD SHRIMP - Fresh 51-70 count shrimp on hand from Costa Rica
FJORD TROUT - Plenty of Sea Trout from Norway available 
MEAGRE - More fish due tomorrow
LOUP DE MER - 1-1.25 lb and 1.25-1.5 lb fish on hand from Ionian Sea
DORADE - Fish in house and more expected tomorrow
POMPANO - The farm was hit by hurricane Mathew, production will resume in a few months
BARRAMUNDI - Fillet supply is good, please pre-order whole fish

WEST COAST destination-sm

HALIBUT - MSC certified Alaskan fish supply is good
WILD SALMON - Troll Kings available
DOVER SOLE - A healthy amount of fillets available 
SABLE - Fish due tomorrow
SARDINES - A good amount of fish in house from Monterey, CA
PETRALE SOLE -  Pricing is up and supply is tight
YELLOWTAIL JACK - A-grade fish available
ANCHOVIES - Fish available from Monterey Bay 
PACIFIC SKATE - Pre-order only 
UNI/SEA URCHIN ROE -  Supply is ok
MSC Certified PACIFIC COD - Supply is tight

LAKE FISHlake-superior-fisherman

WHITE FISH -  Plenty of #1 fish available
LAKE TROUT - A decent amount of fish in house
WALLEYE PIKE -  More fish due tomorrow
NORTHERN PIKE - Please pre-order
SMELT - Plenty of fresh smelt on the way tomorrow
PERCH -  Supply is ok
WHITE BASS - Fish in house from Canada coming tomorrow
BUFFALO - Please pre-order


GROUPER -  Red and Black Grouper on hand from US, Panama and Mexico
MAHI MAHI - A decent amount of fish coming tomorrow
TUNA - Supply is ok on all grades
BIGEYE TUNA - A few fish in house
ALBACORE -  Nice fish available out of Florida arriving tomorrow
SWORDFISH - A good amount of fish in house
SNAPPER - Limited
ESCOLAR - More fish arriving tonight
GOLDEN CORVINA -  A good amount of fish available from Central America
CHILEAN SEABASS -  Only refresh fish in house
AMBERJACK - No offerings at this time
RED MULLET -  Available

EAST COASTfishing-boats-sm

LOBSTERS - Supply is tight, weather has been poor
SCALLOPS -  All natural scallops available and more on order for Friday
A GRADE SCALLOPS - Available by special order
MUSSELS - Plenty of mussels with good meat fill on hand
BLACK BASS - Nice trap caught fish from Maryland available
FLOUNDER / FLUKE - Fish from Rhode Island in house
BLUEFISH - Fish due tomorrow
ATLANTIC COD - Fish available from Massachusetts and Iceland
HADDOCK - Plenty of Haddock on hand
MONKFISH - Tails in house from Massachusetts 
POLLOCK -   A good amound of fillets from Massachusetts on hand
SKATE WING - Supply is decent
SPANISH MACKEREL - Fish due from Florida tomorrow
BOSTON MACKEREL - No offerings at this time
WILD STRIPED BASS -  Supply is good
SOW HAKE - Please pre-order
JOHN DORY - Fish from North Carolina coming for Friday
PORGY - 1.5 lb fish from Virginia in house


NEW ZEALAND ORA KING SALMON -  Plenty of quality fish in house and more due tomorrow
OPAH - Fish coming tomorrow
KAJIKI - Limited
STRIPED MARLIN -  Supply is tight
MADAI SNAPPER -  Nice grade-A fish in house 
ONO -Fish in house and more expected tomorrow from Ecuador
LING COD - Supply is tight
MONCHONG - A handful of fish in house
SKREI COD - Plenty of fish on hand