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Grouper, Bluenose

Bluenose grouper is the marketing name for this fish since it isn’t a grouper and is in the warehou family.  The bluenose can be distinguished from grouper by it’s blunt snout.  It is caught in the southwest Pacific and mainly in New Zealand and Australia.  At Fortune Fish our Bluenose is sourced from New Zealand and comes in headed and gutted.  They are found over rough ground and at the edges of canyons and steep drop-offs.  The bluenose prefers cold water environments. The fish has gained popularity in the U.S. and it is exported to Japan for sashimi and cooked applications.  The bluenose has firm but moist meat with a mild flavor, that is similar to grouper. It has a brown tint when raw and whitens when cooked.  Bluenose is caught mostly by long-line and hook and line, although there is a trawling fishery as well.  New Zealand is one of the world’s leaders in sustainability and the bluenose is under the Quota Management System.  The waters around New Zealand are divided into 8 different zones and within each zone every species has a quota. The quota is then fished in one day or spread more evenly throughout the year depending on the fishery.


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